Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Epsilon Panda Is A Rough Dude

[13:54] dirtydisco: you are into dudes?
[13:54] Im Batman (dfuse): no, i just like humiliating them
[13:54] Im Batman (dfuse): by ploughing their ass
[13:54] dirtydisco: lol k
[13:55] dirtydisco: sure
[13:55] dirtydisco: ploughing?
[13:55] Im Batman (dfuse): plowing
[13:55] dirtydisco: explain
[13:55] Im Batman (dfuse): forced anal penetration
[13:55] dirtydisco: You like fucking dudes in the ass?
[13:55] Im Batman (dfuse): to humiliate them

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