Thursday, December 15, 2016

Broken Cartoon Mountian

By CultChief

    The number of Broken Cartoons frequenting K1 continues to rise...........OH THE HUMANITY!!!

  • Justin Chatter broken by Rachel. Assist to Waterfallz.               
  • Harrison King of Siphoned Gas broken by Boyd. Assist to       Zoidberg, CultChief, Daisy, Compeer and Addie Braveheart 
  • Max Sizzla broken by CultChief. Assist to Zoidberg,   Dondonian, Boyd, BritBong, Addie and images provided by Max himself.
  • Lorraine broken by unrequited cartoon infatuation.
  • Stefanos broken permanently by CultChief. Assist to Rachel, Waterfallz, Addie, and pretty much anyone who wants to kick the crap out of a dead, criminal cartoon scumbag.
  • Jillz Darkrose broken by logging in.
  • Ellen Frog, Chase McClure and 007Jamesb broken by their own irrelevance to the entire sl population.
  • Yeezy UnAmerican broken by Country Magic, Max Sizzla(go   figure) and CultChief.
  • Oilbase broken by CultChief and his profile picture circa   1983.
  • Montezuma broke himself. From G.I. Joe to G.I. Jane in three  weeks.                                       

Cartoon pundits, watch dogs and talking heads have unanimously predicted that as the holidays draw ever closer the broken cartoon count will continue to mount. Please be gentle when encountering these broken avatars. Despite the fact that several of them must change their user names daily, you will easily recognize them by the sounds of them audibly displaying how broken they are, screaming at other toons who can't hear them, desperately seeking the attention their mommies denied them and spitting all over their monitor.

Merry Xmas.

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