Saturday, December 3, 2016

Britbong Pretends To Be Stefanos And Still Gets Rejected By Beauty

I keep thinking I've made my last Britbong post and he goes and does something even gayer than the thing before.

[11:19] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): wish you would partner me again
[11:19] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): :(
[11:20] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Do it!
[11:20] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): whats your skype again i need to make another, this mong seems to have found it..
[11:21] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): euthymiccc
[11:21] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): thanks beautiful
[11:23] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): I'd love to fuck your brains out sweetheart
[11:23] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): lmao
[11:23] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): So romantic
[11:23] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): you want my spunk inside you don't you?
[11:23] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Yes Daddy
[11:24] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): keep begging for daddy you might just get it
[11:24] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Someones feeling frisky
[11:24] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): well the last time was pretty intense..
[11:24] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): ;)
[11:24] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Yes
[11:25] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): beg for daddy..
[11:25] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): make me cum
[11:26] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): please i am lonely
[11:26] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): ever since my mother died I haven't felt the same
[11:26] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Whats your middle name?
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Caught you.
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): :P
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Plus, he has more class than that.t
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Loser.
[11:27] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): proved you e-fucked him
[11:27] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): lol i'll be informing some people in your life
[11:27] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): :)!
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): I never did, I knew you werent him from the gate.
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): It's cool cheche, you dirty trailer tampon.
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Nothing more to say?
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Shame.
[11:29] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Pussy ass bitch

Notice when she calls him a fag he threatens to contact people from her real life.  Typical Britbong maneuver.


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