Monday, November 28, 2016

Covering Most Of His Penis

[03:17] slick Nirvana: I took some when I was laying in bed this morning with you know kiara
[03:18] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): omg lol
[03:18] slick Nirvana: morning glory
[03:20] slick Nirvana: well I had the sheet covering most of my penis Kiara
[03:20] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): OMG
[03:20] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): SLICK
[03:20] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): don't talk about your penis

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