Monday, November 28, 2016

BritbongReturns Dressed As A Woman

From the depths of 4chan comes this photo of Britbong dressed like MsAlchemy

FromSwing: I'm assuming he did it to be funny
FromSwing: try to troll a trans board or something

(orion080): everyone here gets exposed. whats your storey

Janet (JanetM Aeon): Maybe he feels "free" wearing a dress?

FromSwing: but I'm afraid that picture is gonna be attached to his the word "britbongreturns" in google forever

Britbong In Love With Yet Another Tranny

[18:57] Internet Police (Noncebasher): i am hunting down shishkova
[18:57] Shishkovaa: y
[18:58] Internet Police (Noncebasher): for trying to lure me sexually out the sim
[18:58] Shishkovaa: i think i will go to gym soon
[18:58] Shishkovaa: wanna come with
[18:58] Internet Police (Noncebasher): I've exercised enough today
[18:59] Shishkovaa: doing?
[18:59] Internet Police (Noncebasher): been chinning cunts on SL all morning
[18:59] Internet Police (Noncebasher): cardio


  1. "I troll trannies on Reddit cuz I hate them" yet I dated a tranny and put on my mom's dress for fun "it was a prank guys".


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