Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Britbongreturns And Age Player AlexKidJapan

One has to wonder why Britbongreturns would spend so much time with AlexKidJapan who is possibly the only person to ever be banned from both Secondlife and Inworldz for Age Play.

This odd 20 year old Australian has been run out of every decent place in secondlife for seeking homosexual encounters using his 9 year old boy avatar and banned by LindenLab several times for it.

Verylikely Autistic, Alex (his current screen name is Colby since Alex was banned long ago) has played Secondlife for at least five years now and has always gotten in trouble for sexual activities with other imaginary  little boys.

Parents of autistic children often suffer from a type of Shell shock from dealing with their difficult charges and find it much easier to just lock them in a room with the internet then trying to actually make something of them.

People like Ellie use kid avatars to annoy other users.  
Colby (Alex) uses kid avatars to have imaginary sex.  
Apparantly Britbong is ok with that since this weirdo is always around him.  
Possibly he's having sex with Colby too.

$5.00 is a lot of money for autistic age-players


  1. Ellie was banned for ageplay actually lol

  2. Brits still waiting for that apology thanks for putting me on your dead blog man this is an honor


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