Monday, November 28, 2016

Britbong Tries To Get a Noob's IP

[11:49] BabyMabee: consider me unsubbed
[11:49] BabyMabee: you're a bigger fag than the fags in your videos
[11:50] BabyMabee: can you stop
[11:50] BabyMabee: this is embarassing
[11:53] KYS my dude (Buftieboy):
[11:53] BabyMabee: nobody gives a fuck about your fan art
[11:53] BabyMabee: you're embarrassing yourself
[11:53] KYS my dude (Buftieboy):
[11:53] BabyMabee: just stop
[11:53] KYS my dude (Buftieboy): click those links
[11:54] KYS my dude (Buftieboy): or block
[11:54] BabyMabee: you're a grown man for god's sake
[11:54] BabyMabee: block me then bitch
[11:54] BabyMabee: you're fucking ridiiculous
[11:54] BabyMabee: not gonna block me huh

[11:57] FromSwing: lol he wanted you to click on his tumbler to get your iP address
[11:57] BabyMabee: OMG
[11:57] FromSwing: don't worry about it.  he's tried to DDOS me for 3 years and has yet to be able to
[11:57] FromSwing: you don't have anything to worry about
[11:58] BabyMabee: is he always like that?
[11:58] FromSwing: sadly yeah
[11:58] FromSwing:
[11:59] FromSwing: that should tell you all you need to know about him
[11:59] BabyMabee: lol can't wait

I wonder what he thinks would happen if he even got her IP.  He's proven that neither he nor Jaypee can effectively DDOS people

Babymabee = noob
Buftieboy = Britbong
FromSwing = Me


  1. Replies
    1. I said that numb nuts

      Babymabee = noob
      Buftieboy = Britbong
      FromSwing = Me

  2. you guys do realize mrnoob quit right


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