Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jaypee (SLDOX) Doing His Best To Be Intimidating (And Failing)

[08:28] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): http://stefanosdox.blogspot.com/
[08:29] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): coming for u old man
[08:35] Lazarus (ramiprilboy): have fun
[08:35] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): got u bitch
[08:35] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): lets see how you cope with it
[08:35] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): last time u shit yourself
[08:44] Lazarus (ramiprilboy): I liv ein St Neots

What's funny about this is: absolutely nothing happened "last time" other than Jaypee passed out some photos he got from michelita.

What did happen today though is Cult Chief and I got Jaypee to log out twice today because he is literally the biggest bitch boy in SL.  He also flat-out refused to meet CultChief in the ring or go on tinychat to prove he's not a catfish.

The other fun bit is that all of Jaypee's names lately have been something I called him.  I'm in his head and I'm gonna stay.  He was half insane when I met him.  I'm gonna push him till it's 100%


  1. Yes, all the information on that blog is certified correct by Abba Leslie. I live in St Neots or is it St Ives?


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