Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why People Hate Leafy

  1. Leafy blew up on youtube: the dream off many jobless gamers
  2. A lot of people thought they could also blow up on youtube if they sucked leafy's stem
  3. They didn't blow up
  4. They made videos "exposing" Leafy for not making them famous.
a few more points:
  • What HWYM made is  moving shit around in photoshop with a mouse, not "animation" It was probably only worth about $50
  • People don't hate Keemstar because Leafy made a video about him--Leafy made a video about Keemstar because people already hated Keemstar.  Leafy doesn't create public opinion, he exploits it (which is why they call it "commentary")
  • Youtube has gone to shit.  I hope Google gets rid of them all.

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