Sunday, October 9, 2016

When Misty Putzo Met Mitch Jinx

Mitch and Misty met on Secondlife.  They decided to meet in Real Life

  • Misty lived in her House for 9 months
  • Misty refused to look for work
  • Misty only showered every other week
  • Misty never left the house
  • Misty cheated on her with an older woman
  • Misty stole her lindens pretending to be a child
  • She described his sexual prowess as "millimeter peter"
  • Misty stole her credit card and charged it up to the limit and refused to give her any money to pay it off.
  • Misty Left after trying to have sex with her child
** apparently they've now reconciled and are moving in together ** 

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