Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tinaashe Resident Is Pretty Chubby

So If You Take The Filter Off Her Photo,
Something Unusual Shows Up
  • She is a Mexican national living in Australia (her Spanish is better than her English)
  • Two of her friends on Secondlife are illegal Mexican immigrants living in the US (build a wall?)
  • She struggles with her weight (a lot)
  • Most of her friends (and SL family members) are furries
  • She spent the last 48 hours without sleep arguing with people on Secondlife
  • Nearly all of her real-life income comes from the Australian government in the form of support (welfare) payments
  • She's close friends with Misty Putzo (a prominant furry more about him here)
  • Sat and argued on secondlife for two hours when she was supposed to be picking up her childd from her mom's house.
  • She swore her Secondlife friends would never betray her and tell me about her, but as you can see--they did.

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