Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Wrath Of Harri

[15:44] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[15:45] HarriHoudiniLove: cuddling with suz lol
[15:45] HarriHoudiniLove: wrong box
[15:57] HarriHoudiniLove: lol ur not talkin to me now
[15:57] HarriHoudiniLove: wow

[15:57] Dreams Emerald: i always want to talk to you. i just don't want drama. :(

[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: oh so u just leave me
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: haha
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: i get balamed b y elsie
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: saying   i ruined the party
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: stef said me and u got voice shut down
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: and u just leave me

[15:58] Dreams Emerald: i don't know why we would have made that happen
[15:58] Dreams Emerald: i just had to get out of there

[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: so why didnt u tell me
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: damn i get shit for dating u
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: and then i get left to deal with it
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: nice

[15:59] Dreams Emerald: just log off and rest your shoulder. we will talk tonight.
<3 p="">
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: and accused for ruing the worst damn party i had to sit thru

[15:59] Dreams Emerald: please don't get upset
[15:59] Dreams Emerald: it's not your fault or mine
[15:59] Dreams Emerald: it's boyds
[16:00] Dreams Emerald: and he chose to fuck it up

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: who r u with

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: i'm sitting in ap

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: with madame?

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: talking with elsie and lawl

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: and boyd?
[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: and stf?

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: no i don't know who that is

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: elsie

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: stepf isn't here
[16:00] Dreams Emerald: no

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: elsie said i ruined the party

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: you didn't

[16:01] HarriHoudiniLove: is she ur friend

[16:01] Dreams Emerald: and i will stand behind you on that

[16:01] HarriHoudiniLove: is she ur friend?
[16:02] HarriHoudiniLove: we went from best dressed couple
[16:02] HarriHoudiniLove: to ruining the party
[16:02] HarriHoudiniLove: fuck those people
[16:04] HarriHoudiniLove: tp me
[16:08] HarriHoudiniLove: wow lol
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: u unpartnerd me lol
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: unreal
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: u let boyd
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: d this lol
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: nice
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: scum

<3 p="">[16:15] Dreams Emerald: you know i'm not
<3 p="">
<3 p="">[16:17] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks for the nudes fat bitch
<3 p="">
[16:18] Dreams Emerald: that's why you're unpartnered

[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:18] Dreams Emerald: cause you're doing exactly what they said you'd do

[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: yah i deserved it

[16:18] Dreams Emerald: you're mean

[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: yeh ur a fat bitch that is choosing bs
[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: now ur gonna die alone prolly
[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:19] Dreams Emerald: i guess harri

[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: ur gross anyways i dont care
[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks for tha fat girl nudeys

[16:19] Dreams Emerald: enjoy

[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: fuckin gross
[16:20] HarriHoudiniLove: im glad
[16:20] HarriHoudiniLove: u fat biatch lol
[16:21] HarriHoudiniLove: why u have a brown pussy lips
[16:21] HarriHoudiniLove: im so glad i did not share anything with u
[16:21] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: u need to bleech ur pussy
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: looks like ur poopin out ur pussy
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: u do needs those monkey tits cut down
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: hahaha
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: i bet them things hang to the ground
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: omgosh. listen to you
[16:25] Dreams Emerald: i said i was sorry

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: look what u did
[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: sorry about what

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: you're like the meanest person

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: what did i do
[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: looks like ur a scum ass bitch

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: look what you're writing to me!

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: yep

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: i just don't want to fight

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: i do not like u now

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: and you're going to make me cry

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: wtf would i care cry

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: you didn't love me

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: im glad i dont feel like it
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: nope
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: i guess i didnt
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: cause i feel fine
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: a little pissed at u
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: but i can easly find a girl

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: alright well can you please not be so mean to me

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: i dont need u
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: nah ur scum as fuck

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: not really

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: yes u are

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: no i'm not

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: unpartnerd me why?
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: wtf did i do wrong

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: i unpartnered you because i don't want to fight
[16:27] Dreams Emerald: i didn't want to not be friends
[16:27] Dreams Emerald: i still wanted to talk with you

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: oh so u just do it
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: u know how i found out

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: i just am trying to stay sober

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: ?
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: boyd came in and told me check my box
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: and its hard for me already after my mom died

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks fat bitch
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: fuck ur mom

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: and now i'm trying to stay sober

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: u need to drink now
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: fuck u
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: bye harri - thanks

[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: oh great i dont have to date a fat bitch
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: scum
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: ur shitty pussy
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: hahaha
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: gross
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: why were u streching it
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: like that
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: streching the fat away?
<3 p="">[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks for the nudes dreams i didnt really love u anyway

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