Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Remember the 14 Year Old Pixie Khitan Tried To Have Sex With On

He's still harassing her...

[12:04:30 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:01] br0 (colossal): hi, how much do you charge?
[10:01] (You): For?
[10:01] br0 (colossal): i was looking for a nice young slut to fuck
[10:01] (You): Kill yourself Steve
[10:01] br0 (colossal): lmao
[10:02] (You): Disgusting old man, you're still on here?
[10:02] br0 (colossal): little slut still looking for a daddy on here
[10:02] (You): Mate, i'm engaged to be married.. .And you're still on this pathetic fucking game preying on young girls
[10:03] (You): You're fucked maate
[10:03] br0 (colossal): no, they prey on me. i love it
[10:03] (You): Who would want to prey on you? You're ugly, old and have no life
[10:03] br0 (colossal): so many babygirls who want daddy's
[10:03] (You): you've spent the last 10 years of your life in your fathers basement
[10:03] br0 (colossal): nope
[10:03] (You): sort your shit out
[12:04:42 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:03] br0 (colossal): wrong again
[10:04] br0 (colossal): anyhow, enough of the bull. lets fuck
[10:04] (You): nty
[12:04:46 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: Little sommin sommin for you
[12:05:19 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: In korea1
[12:05:26 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: atm, with his long lost love cheche
[12:08:36 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:05] br0 (colossal): you look hot
[10:05] br0 (colossal): can i lick your twat?
[10:06] (You): No but your can lick my fiances
[10:06] br0 (colossal): well, obviously, i wouldn't be interested in licking your finances
[10:07] br0 (colossal): we should go to your place and do bad things
[10:07] (You): too bad then
[10:07] (You): you can go to a place and kill yourself
[10:07] (You): You're welcome to do that
[10:08] br0 (colossal): that's not very naughty
[12:10:18 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:08] br0 (colossal): nice ass btw
[10:09] br0 (colossal): i'm camming it
[10:09] br0 (colossal): imagining being behind you
[10:09] br0 (colossal): holding your full breasts in my hands and fucking
[12:13:07 PM] Edgar Button: jesus
[12:14:13 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: he's still going
[12:14:48 PM] Edgar Button: he's freaking out because people found out he was partnered to an autistic 15 year old
[10:10] br0 (colossal): filling your wet pussy full of cum
[10:10] (You): I really wish you'd kill yourself
[10:10] (You): Rid the world of scum like you
[10:11] br0 (colossal): do i have to pay you or something
[10:11] br0 (colossal): that's not very kiwi
[10:11] (You): Nope, not interested in your money
[10:11] (You): you can still kill yourself
[10:11] br0 (colossal): here's the facts
[10:12] br0 (colossal): i was your first love
[10:12] (You): Here's no facts, you were nothing
[10:12] (You): and you still are nothing
[10:12] (You): you're no one
[10:12] br0 (colossal): ouch
[10:12] (You): i was never interested in you
[10:12] br0 (colossal): that hurts
[10:12] (You): You're a stupid old man who preyed on a young girl, one of many
[10:13] (You): You think you know alot, you tried to bribe me with money
[10:13] br0 (colossal): can we stop blaming each other
[10:13] br0 (colossal): im kinda over all that
[10:13] (You): with a "house" that your mother was suppose to leave you when the old bitch died
[10:13] (You): supposedly
[10:13] br0 (colossal): i just wanna fuck your brains out
[10:14] (You): You can kill yourself
[10:14] br0 (colossal): after we fuck, sure
[10:14] (You): again, nty
[10:14] (You): i'd rather get fucked by a 20 inch girl dildo in my asshole and be gaped for life
[10:14] br0 (colossal): you should be more accomodating, we could be lovers
[10:15] br0 (colossal): lmao
[10:15] br0 (colossal): oh, well i have a nice female alt too
[10:15] (You): I don't want to be your "lover" steve
[10:15] (You): I never did
[10:15] br0 (colossal): if you're into chicks avatars
[10:15] br0 (colossal): she's hot atm
[10:15] (You): You got it stuck in your head that you mean something
[10:16] br0 (colossal): well, i am your first
[10:16] (You): No, you weren't anything
[10:16] br0 (colossal): i'm not that bad, stop being so hard on me
[10:16] (You): You're a horrible human being
[10:17] br0 (colossal): you're a little slut i want to tie up and rape
[10:17] (You): I wish i'd kill you
[10:17] (You): i wish someone could kill you
[10:17] (You): i wish you'd kill yourself
[10:17] br0 (colossal): ok miss issues
[10:18] (You): I have no issues
[10:18] (You): I have no problems
[10:18] (You): i'm happy, and you're still a lonely old man

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