Friday, September 23, 2016

ScreenShots For Proof -- The MsAlchemy Saga

For anybody who questions the authenticity of the Britbong/MSAlchemy saga, Here are the screenshots

Screen Shots of The Skype Conversation

For those not up to speed.  A few months ago Britbong got frustrated with getting a girlfriend and decided to get a boy-dressed-like-a-girlfriend instead, with hilarious results.  MsAlchemy was a really attractive young transgender woman hanging around Secondlife.  Read the entire story below.

Britbong Loves A Trans-Girl: A Drama In Five Episodes
Episode 1: A Big Fan
Episode 2: The Flirting And The Fapping
Episode 3: Monty Tries To Help
Episode 4: Betrayal And Pain
Episode 5: Threats And Reprisals

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  1. Reporting your brother for death threats boyd :)


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