Sunday, September 11, 2016

Reptilian Goddess From Mars

 [23:21] MotherMan5 Resident: Lorraine... I think you should dump Aubrey and date me instead.. shes dangerous, shes a viper that is as callus and cold as an arctic tundra..  Eventually she is going to tear you into smithereens and leave you alone, broken and helpless.. it is what she does.. Shes a reptilian goddess from mars.


  1. Wrong. She can't be from Mars. Mars has no bodies of water, and everybody knows that cat fish need water.

    She's probably from Atlanta. According to the show Catfish, it's the catfish capital of the US.

  2. How could anyone be a catfish who is unknown, unseen, and unfathomable? Can darkness be a catfish? I never thought about that.. What if the icy void that is Aubrey is really a facade to a loving and magnanimous soul... A spirit full of compassion and compromise. Whichever it is... Her voice tantalizes me, it tingles and titillates my senses.. I been jerking it to her evil voice of oppression now for the last 10 months. There is some appeal in the ice goddess I must admit.
    love the motherman


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