Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Prepare Yourselves

Apparently Britbong is about to flood Secondlife with one of his friend's nudes.  You'll be able to tell it's her by the plain face and the boy-size tits.

I guess he's gonna take the train to Scandinavia and fight Bloodgoil.  It'll be the first time they let him ride the train by himself like a big-boy.


  1. so he's posting 72 Virgins (xxsaku) nudes cuz EHL broke up with him.

    1. I dunno man. It's a dick move. that girl was always nice to him.

  2. Just goes to show beta britbong, doesn't get any pussy he only gets "nudes".

  3. like 2 paracetamol on an ironing board

  4. Ewwww 2 things A) who the fuck would want to see Saku shits nudes, Shes the double of Cammy, cammys actually more feminine tho. and B) who the fuck would send nudes to tiny manlet britbong, he has a track record of revealing peoples real life information/nudes etc, that fast approaching middle age still at his mums waste of space.
    Nym x


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