Friday, September 23, 2016

Jaypee Beat Down

I apologize for the length and the fact that Bungie has britbong turned way up and everybody else turned way down.  Bungie admitted to me he's autistic so maybe that's one of the results.

EskazTu: howcome wintown is a better hacker than you?

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): im the reason wintown run frm violet
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): coz i put his info out
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): yeah

EskazTu: every time I talk to you the joke gets better
EskazTu: lol

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): you know i only talk to you coz your retarded?
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): people laugh at you not with u

EskazTu: you talk to me because for some reason you want my approval
EskazTu: which is in itself pretty weird
EskazTu: then you lie about shit you can't do
EskazTu: and don't admit to the shit you actually do

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): listen i don't seek approval from pedos

EskazTu: you're a trucking trainwreck andrew

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): you make your own events

EskazTu: events?
EskazTu: lol for someone born in the Uk you don't seem to use the language very well

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): if you keep lying for so long then eventually you'll believe it
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): kim sent me her sents
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): rocky did too
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): nudes*

EskazTu: lol
EskazTu: they sent them to tristen
EskazTu: not you
EskazTu: they sent them to phooey
EskazTu: not you

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): idk about that

EskazTu: they sent them to wolf
EskazTu: not you
EskazTu: you're a fag


  1. Why does Terry Serrari have to photo bomb everything?

  2. i send jp nudes all the time

  3. haha you actually posted a video of yourself getting owned egg egg egg

  4. wow the kids are bakering

  5. Boyd why do you still believe my name is ANDREW LOL try and actually release an actual dox on me. bringing back secondlifedox soon and you're going right on the list

    1. What happened in your life to make you so try hard about a video game andrew?


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