Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Have No Idea What Kopy Is Doing To Britbongreturns...

Britbong's Hour Long Rant
about Kopy On Twitter
But it has him and Gaypee (the fat ginger kid) and the Retarded Sweed (Based Bunghole) so triggered that they're seeking out all of Kopy's friends and even my long defunct Violet Disco.  They even got that retarded HeyHeyPay kid involved.  Why the hell do you guys want to hang out with a 14 year old?

Here's a pro-tip Gaypee:  if you want to social engineer someone try not writing like an absolute retard.  You make Harrison look like Shakespeare.

Oh nevermind...  apparantly THIS is what has Manlett so triggered.  Lol.  I wonder how they got those chatlogs.  Apparantly, more than a year later Kopy still has the ability to massivly asshurt Britbong to the point where he gathers up three or four other spergs to follow him around seeking revenge against the robot monster.

The best part about all this is I don't even have to be involved.  I just sit back with some popcorn and watch Britbong's life come apart and the sperg-rage that follows.

Since he lied about the forever alone thing Britbong should just make a cartoon of the "sperg-rage" guy and get an actual legit copyright on that.

Based Bungle has made 37 attemtps to comment on this post.  If I delete one more his head may explode.  Lol , poor sweed-tard still trying.


  1. Replies
    1. lol dude you were so mad you invaded a chat room that's been abandoned for six months while I was asleep--then gaypee got hacked in front of everybody.

  2. BritBoy is so mad that he makes hour-long videos about it??!!
    but he claims that Boyd is mad
    yet to every rational human being that witnesses the oompa loompa rage, it is absolutely clear that Britboy's tiny little feelings are hurt, pathetic, boom baby!

  3. boyd is deleting comments lol madbro?

    1. it seems to irritate you guys pretty well. I can't let Kopy have all the fun.

    2. "I ignore you to troll you" - Boyd 2016



  4. Boyd, your posts about BritBoy's rage are hilarious! Everyone appreciates them, and sees that the little one is clearly mad at you
    You should do a daily update about BritBoy's broken feelz, maybe some color coded pie charts or something like the Homeland Security Advisory System ect. lofl

    1. LOl I'm making him and the retarded side-kick even madder by deleting their angry replies.

  5. I like this. haha. This is pretty sad if I say so myself. The fact that he went so far to send emails to get EA to change the dog tag in one of their franchise games is ridicules. Honestly, when I read that all I did say "wooooooow".


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