Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How To Fix Youtube

Miss handled, these youtube heros will become something of a content mafia and a disaster like the Linden Lab mentor program was a few years ago.

It does indicate quite clearly that youtube is very concerned about the amount of very negative content on their service the last couple of years and intends to try and change things.

The vast majority of youtube's revenue comes from record companies and movie studios, making even the biggest "youtube celebrity" quite expendable if they make any move to threaten that.

You also have to consider that when people sue youtube channels they usually also sue youtube as they are the deep pockets.  Youtube seems to be coming to the fairly obvious realization that a lot of these "commentary" or "trolling" channels are a massive liability to them.


  1. hahahahaha
    I bet BritBoy's .me is, twitching
    another group for him to get denied membership into
    boom, baby

    1. You express yourself like a retarded person.

      Ole Brit has gotten some shoutouts from larger youtubers recently. I wouldn't entirely count him out. Maybe Boyd will eventually leave him alone.

    2. It's starting to look like what we consider "larger youtubers" google considers an annoyance. The company clearly wants to change the type of content they present, so let's see what happens.

  2. "Ole Brit" hahahahaha!
    BritBoy sucking his own toes
    Boyd, when you say "let's see what happens" it's funny because you could have just as easily said "let's just watch BritBoy cry, a lot."

    boyd {fifty baga-zillion} britboy {still 0}

    1. This is one of your fans Boyd. Good job.

    2. oh yeah, youtube just made a bunch of manlett detractors smile a lot.


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