Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Britbongreturns Uses Discord To Dox People's Mom

kopy: whys manlet still vandalizing the boyd page? and his own article to boot
kopy: is he THAT upset that it was re-written?

based bungie: he says your samefagging is obvious and your moms work email is circulating the discord

kopy: funny, on ED he thought the person was a brony

kopy: so whose editing his article then?
kopy: me? or a brony?

based bungie: maybe this is another big reveal you have yet to make
samefag (verb) When you submit a post to a thread and nobody responds, sign up with a couple of extra accounts. Make each of those accounts bump your post to make it more popular. This happens a lot on Digg, 4Chan, and so on.
The one thing Britbongreturns (manlytearsuk) cannot criticize someone for is Samefaging.  He is the fucking king of samefaggotry.

Having known Britbongreturns (manlytearsuk) for three years now, I can honestly say the only thing about  him that's actually funny is the way he gets soooo invested in fights nobody gives a fuck about, still loses the fight, and then cries like a baby about it for weeks.

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