Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Boyfriend Parkour

For those who don't know...

All this animosity between Britbong and Tesla and Kopy is all about her: a girl.

I knew her as EHL but others know her as Paravana.

Kopy was with her in real life (for quite a while actually), but because she has trouble with emotional detachment it ended.  After that she spent a fucking year bouncing back and forth between Britbong, Kopy and Tesla, performing Boyfriend Parkour to the point where these former friends ended up wanting to murder each other.

I'm convinced, the entire time, she sat in her room rubbing her hands together like Fu Manchu, forever pleased with her "power" over men.

I'm getting reports from multiple sources that when her father died their relationship was on the outs so Britbong made a bunch of sock puppets to deface his memorial page and harassing her mother by telephone.


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