Friday, September 16, 2016

007BJamesB Hacked By Gambino Crime Family

The exposure of 007BJamesB's account exposed evidence of his investigation of several groups

This is a list of names that belong to a known griefer group.the BR1CKSQUAD
CREATOR OF THE GROUP .мαттнєω тєηηιѕвαℓℓѕ (richhomiematt) AKA мαттнєω тєηηιѕвαℓℓѕ (richhomiematt)! THERE ARE 14 MEMBERS TO THIS GROUP. ONLY 7 SHOW.
Moonfox (kipakuta.ninetails
ⓁⓤⓝⓒⓗⒷⓞⓧ (tacticallunchbox
ღ ḶФФη ™ (joanna.loon
ღKittyღ (trippykittyy
victoria felisimo
ĶíЯĶ (ijustwantedagoodusername
sammi  нυηтєя (swollest
KARLL (wtfhappenedtosl)WhoImIs
єdωαяd тєηηιѕвαℓℓѕ (malarsto)

Griefers of Arapaima
This is the curant list of griefers crashing griefing and or hacking peoples computers in arapaima every day. this group of people are running all the nice people off.

the worst to the last...
frankiegambino.nizna... hacked my sound card and shut my sound off in my computer. hacker.

victoria felisimo   aka victoria volisimos alt(gigimoronez) used mvp huds to attack people and sends gift crashers, and crashes every one aground her all the time.

alexlndon....crashes and trolls every one for no reason...

katie (creapie2) has attacked me and tryed to crash me several times. 

I would give you boyds alts because he is the leader of ban buddys. a known trolling group.but i am sure you and LL are well aware of this person.   bad bad person......he is known as edgamark button. he claims to have over 300 alts.    

joshuahhard.....pushes bumps and crashes the sim. 

hal titainium is a chat bot spie... it is one of boyds alts. he uses conferance calles to grief people by adding them without there permissins.

heavenofhartes uses conference calls to harass people here to. i am suspicious that is boyd... same mo....withbrown is a new alt i just learned about.
kifi29 was crashing me today... i think it is an alt...
there is another guy that hacked my sound .but i did not get his full name. firefox somthing. still waiting for him to come back.

these are the group that come in here every day and some never leave. they have made this safe hub there own little griefer club. it must be stoped. i have been in here giving them hell . but i can't win alon. i need help!

Major hacking alert...
The FBI is involved in finding and capturing this person. Details are as follows...

a hacker has been discovered here in sl. he has taken over 63 accounts stealing money and other assets. so be on the lookout for this person. Iron Warden (moriarty.static). he is able to over ride security and everything.  the fbi is now involved trying to catch this person.
[14:46] ℳℜƧ.ℒєĞισℵ: Warning! This is a bad one. Please pass this message out to as many friends and groups as you can. If anyone passes you a gift from someone you know or dont know which may be called "stick21" delete it


  1. Mostly this has exposed the fact that James doesn't know how to spell. I wish and his investigations, he had found something called spellcheck and tried that out.

  2. I'm pretty sure Rachael (Wholmis) lost her RL job because she thinks she belongs to an online crime family and Boyd, you're just encouraging this fuzzy thinking with blogs that glamorize her "life of crime".


  4. About time two thumbs up for Frankie Gambino and the Bambino's ! That fagot got my 5 yr account banned when he was with the real green lanterns they mass reported me every day for 3 months because i bumped into to him in a no push zone of all places a safe hub !


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