Monday, August 15, 2016

What is

and why does 007bjamesb have a premium account?

ThumperBumper: apart from being annoying, why do those people hate you?

007bJAMESb: im a snitch. i report there bully antics.
007bJAMESb: they all work togethjer to oust people they dont like.
007bJAMESb: there all scum

ThumperBumper: i have not seen anyone bully you though, all i have seen is you being mean to tjat jonny guy
ThumperBumper: if they are scum, why do you let them get to you?

007bJAMESb: they crash people. make death threats. hack peoples accounts. i dont care how anoying i am. but i need to be more anoying to them.

ThumperBumper: oh ok, maybe there is a language barrier here, but they do not seem to be bothered, im new so maybe i dont see what you do

007bJAMESb: it gets them to break them  TOS. thats all i care about. when i get mad i dont crash or hack or dos people. thes ass holes do it every day. ask a cop why he does what he does. he will tell you the same. because some body has to keep these ass hats in check

ThumperBumper: i have no idea what TOS is, why do you think you have more control than the people that own this game,  you talk to these people as if you have lots of control
ThumperBumper: im new, i dont understand anything, i just see you getting angry, i dont understand why, this is why i ask you

007bJAMESb: why ask me whats wrong with me? you shuld ask your self whats wrong with you. when you feel the need tp protect these cybor criminals.

ThumperBumper: sorry, i dont understand

007bJAMESb: I am a anti griefer. i belong to the most powerful group in SL. the green lanterns. we are peace keepers of SL> thats what we do. report griefers. but unlike most anti griefers i try to get them to break the rules they agreed to follow. then i and my groups mass report them to get there accounts banned
007bJAMESb: mass abuse reports do work. ask johnny how many time i had his account shut down
007bJAMESb: I am a good guy. realy. please don't listen to me when i argue with these jerks. it is only to get them to break the rules

ThumperBumper: oh i see, is this not against the rules to actually get someone to break the rules for the purpose of reporting  them, that seems underhand to me?

007bJAMESb: i do what it takes to get these trouble makers out of SL. its funny how no one cares about how people grief. but if some one tryes to stop them they have to play by rules. funny

ThumperBumper: what i dont understand is, why are you trying to make johnny cause trouble?

007bJAMESb: i have come to the conclusion you are not what you apier to be. like a noob . you know way to much. bye. and good luck.

ThumperBumper: you know nothing you asshole

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  1. fuck you 007bJAMESb and all your FAKE 9 member anti griefing groups !


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