Friday, August 12, 2016

Most Regulars Satisfied With Voice In Violet

Years ago, when the troll infestation of Violet first began, I told Ingrid the only way to get rid of them was by turning voice off--which she did, only to have a Linden come and turn it back on again, so forgive me if I find some humor in  having another Linden come years later and turn it off.

The Violet situation has been untenable for a while now.  Many of the regulars quit using voice long ago in silent protest of what Violet became.  For them, Violet without voice just means they have fewer people to mute.

I've seen some of the Ahern regulars log into Inworldz since the change, but they seem to be missing each other.  That might be a pretty good replacement for them if they can manage to catch each other.

Advantages of Losing Voice In Violet

No More: Britbongreturns, Sizzla, Richie or Harrison,


  1. if at first you dont succeed shut the fuck up or get it together and move on, they haven't turned off all voice, so reopen waterhead or some other place or you will let the bastards grind you down, fight for your right to party


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