Sunday, August 28, 2016

More Normal Boys...

[07:41] IrishRich: was tinychat good with aubrey yesterday?
[07:42] Edgar Button: lol worked out ok
[07:43] IrishRich: u know who this is?
[07:44] Edgar Button: ratcloner?
[07:44] IrishRich: is that my new name?
[07:44] IrishRich: it's richy
[07:45] Edgar Button: lol
[07:45] Edgar Button: you're the trannys little brother?
[07:45] IrishRich: julia is life
[07:45] IrishRich: why dont you like her
[07:46] Edgar Button: evrybody likes him
[07:46] Edgar Button: most of us don't jerk off to his pictures like you do
[07:47] IrishRich: you care to much about what gets me off
[07:47] IrishRich: too*
[07:48] IrishRich: why does aubrey hate me boyd?
[07:48] Edgar Button: she like more normal boys


  1. richie is a dick but he doesn't like aubrey boyd

  2. Yep "boys". So true.

  3. boyd is calling shish a him? what a faggot and shish is always nice to everyone smh

  4. not leslie, it's edie you ass hole. You know... the girl you took a pic of and posted it on this blog for no reason. :)

  5. Aubrey only now after all these years gets a mention, now all the greats have died. she is some slime that lives under a pebble a pebble in the pond of lowly despair. Old fat fuck.
    Nym x

  6. Boyd paid 4000 usd for julia videos


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