Sunday, August 7, 2016

Linden Lab At War With Internet "Trolls"

Last Friday, over 20 people were banned from Secondlife.  Nearly all of them were involved in making videos for Youtube.

Some people would argue that "troll" videos about Secondlife help promote new people coming to Secondlife and wonder why they would ban people who make these videos, but they're missing something fairly obvious.

"Troll" videos bring people who want free accounts to Secondlife.  Linden Lab makes no money from those people.  On the other hand, people who participate in various types of role-play buy not only virtual land but loads of virtual merchandise.

All the Secondlife Youtube "troll" videos together make a few hundred dollars a month.  The people who make the horrific Amaretto Breedable Horses in Secondlife make thousands of dollars a month. Even some of the people who breed these abominations make more than the youtube trolls. Nearly every person who makes Secondlife Troll videos has one about an Amaretto auction making the horse breeders look like idiots. Who do you think Linden Lab will side with?

To be fair, nearly everyone I know has trolled an Amaretto auction in their time on Secondlife.  You have to think the people who put these on expect it at this point.  The difference is: we didn't record it.  We didn't put the people who go to these auctions on Youtube, possibly having a chilling effect on attendance.

The people who work at Linden Lab have their bills paid by people who participate in Secondlife commerce.  `Anything that threatens this commerce threatens their personal income.  Of course, they're going to try and do something to get rid of these trolls.


  1. Like whom?
    Have any names of youtubers banned?
    What is your source?

    1. I'll try to get them to contact you directly.

      I'm trying not to come off as critical of what happend. From a business perspective it makes sense and considering how many new channels have popped up the last few months it might be best to nip it in the bud.

    2. well, I am being critical of Amaretto but that's only because their horses don't look like horses. I don't know how they ever got to be so popular.

  2. What you left out and what the current LL regime has totally missed is that lots of people come to SL to troll but eventually make friends and continue to come back..well..forever. They buy things, and over time that adds up plenty.

    1. The current regime is short-sighted in several ways including that in particular.


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