Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Leslie Whittenstall Should Know...

These Things Are Illegal
Making Death Threats Over The Internet
Filing false police reports against UK residents
Doxing children because you got thrown out of a chat party
Improperly Disposing of Dead Cats

These Things Are Not
Urinating on Video Game Characters
Making Fun Of People's Facebook Photos


  1. She is the one who tries to ruin people's real life. She is the one who stalks them, researches them, contacts police with made up things (which is a crime in itself), contacts their workplaces, their spouses, makes serious death threats to people and has done this since her AOL chat room days. Also she has gone after children online. Who has done this to her? She is the stalker not the other way around. She is very delusional and a severe mental case. This woman thinks she is being stalked but she is the one sitting in her dump of an apartment and stalking people. She rotates who she stalks, this is her day job and has been for numerous years. Not only with second life people but people from 20 odd years ago. She is the one in serious trouble and is digging her own hole more and more. That is okay though, keep doing it Leslie you are being investigated for your stalking behavior.

    1. wow boyd u are freaking out just write a book why dont you. u freakin stalker

  2. Harri records people while saying stupid shit, he also trolls and torments females ina creepy way. The reams of proof of his defaming...LOL there are REAMS of proof of all the shit you have done, all your harassment and defaming, the blogs are mostly gone, some still up but all screen shot, also don't forget the emails you sent full of peoples rl info. The CEO of Inworldz don't hang with Boyd you idiot also she doesn't judge people unlike you, yes she has banned people on there from sl, some of which should never be banned, where as YOU should have been years ago, you are the stalker, the harasser, the deranged liar.
    You are the one sending death threats with the help of your demented puppy Jewel.
    You have been at your shit for 20 years online, you been at this shit with hanja people since 2009 because YOU can not let go, your blog and your lies you still spew says so.
    Reporting people to the police for? NOTHING, no one you report are doing anything to be reported for.
    Also Poly gave out your info no one else, no one has given out your phone number or address UNLIKE YOU have done.
    Leslie you can not help yourself, you continue because its all you have in this world other than your cats and i doubt they'd choose to live with you if given a choice.
    Now you are spewing shite about Suz, why? because she asked in local why you hid being online from her, that is a reason to go psycho on her?
    You should seek some help, you have some real serious issues, get it before you get into BIG trouble AND stop sending FALSE reports to the police...there's a good girl.

  3. She also has outed herself on the exovar blog by posting someones IP address and other personal information. She would have gotten that IP address off that stefanos blog she made with all that disgusting stuff she put on that. So yes Leslie you are so stupid that you make errors that out yourself. Keep going though you are only digging your hole deeper and deeper.

  4. And Leslie, you lie like a rug! If you don't have "the goods" on a person you just make it up. Now I know, for a fact, all the hateful things you said about your old Hanja friends, were lies, lies and more lies! You are the stalker and the trouble maker, Leslie, YOU!

  5. we play along with what she thinks she knows, it's funner that way lol the stories she comes up with are pretty funny

  6. It's laughable the lies she comes out with, she made out i was some alt that came back saying stuff after i had the ban, more likely her and Jewel did that to report me, she's always making false reports and reporting people to the police while posting absolute rubbish and rl stuff on her blogs.
    It's all going to bite you in the ass and the CEO of Inworldz is not Boyd's friend, he's not on her list, she does her job and a damn good one, she didn't bow down to your blackmail or death threats.
    I suggest you move on and stop meddling in other peoples business, go get another cat to keep you occupied.
    Everyone you slag off is a better person that you, you're sick, racist, super angry and a compulsive liar.


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