Friday, August 5, 2016

How Not To Get Hacked

  1. Don't add angry nerds too your skype or steam
  2. Don't be a pretty girl on secondlife
  3. Don't assume angry nerdy Billy won't fuck you over because he made you laugh when you played League together--he will.
  4. If you have a web cam either unplug it or put tape over the lens.  (not the clear type)
  5. I'm not kidding about the web cam thing--do it now.
  6. Don't accept files over Skype
  7. Don't accept files over Skype
  8. don't accept files over Skype
  9. don't accept files over skype
  10. If you're a girl on Secondlife you're probably already screwed.  


  1. Who got hacked now?

    1. really nice antipodeian girl who wouldn't have been hacked if she'd followed these simple rules, particularly the first 3

    2. I had to wing it on the spelling. Hopefully she'll get her stuff fixed.

  2. Pathetic cowards


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