Thursday, August 18, 2016

Britbongreturns Vs Gross Gore: The Pain Of Being Ignored

  • For months Britbongreturns tried to take credit for bringing Gross Gore to Hitbox...and  got ignored...
  • Britbongreturns  got banned from Hitbox and direct messages Gross Gore for help...and got ignored...
  • Britbongreturns calls out Gross Gore for reducing staff, Gross Gore blocks him, and Britbong complains about...being ignored...

What do you want to bet he's gonna cry about twitch alerts making a custom account for Gross Gore?

Gross Gore Sums Up Britbong's Life In One Tweet

Remember when Britbong Made this video sucking GrossGore's dick?

Because GrossGore didn't help him out when Britbongreturns got banned from hitbox
he's now gonna make another video about how much he hates GrossGore

The moral of this story is: when an autistic manchild like Britbong 
makes several attempts to get your attention and you ignore him, 
he's gonna throw a fucking temper tantrum 

Now we get down to the real reason Britbongreturns Hates GrossGore

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  1. Carla Jenkins won't see you this christmas sorry alex.


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