Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Britbongreturns Vs ColossalisCrazy

A few people have asked me about this and the short answer is: I don't know.

They used to be friends, but Britbongreturns made a big display of removing him from friends on skype and un-following him and continues to bring it up, even though ColossalisCrazy never does.

I  do know that Britbong has been complaining that none of the "bigger youtubers" he knows have been helping him grow his rapidly sinking channel.

I also know (despite all his rants on never toe-sucking) Britbong made a sub-reddit for ColossalisCrazy, who never realy used it and a bunch of other smaller things to help him.

ColossalisCrazy may just not like Reddit since he last posted 4 months ago and has fewer than 10 total posts so making him a sub-reddit might seem like a big deal to Britbong (even though it only takes about 2 minutes) but never even occured to ColossalisCrazy.

Britbong's autism (and general lack of maturity) makes it very difficult for him to make and keep friends.  Most of the people he now considers enemies were once friends (or at least friendly) who tried to help him including: Kopy, Shekleberg, Jamku, DanielfromSL, Tesla, 6Ted9, even GrossGore and myself.

I feel like ColossalisCrazy is torn between his fascination with awkward personalities like BritbongReturns and Keemstar and his logical distaste for their behavior.

If it means anything, I personally follow ColossalisCrazy and find him one of the most logical and reasonable of all the "bully-commentary" channels on Youtube.

For some reason this recording has Britbong really upset even though it's 100% accurate

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  1. I think it was semi brought up in the baited podcast but colossal didn't want to talk about it. Didnt realize it was about Britbong. Not surprising though.


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