Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Different Sort Of Troll

According to Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker, Sassy Siamendes) Shazz and I have been sending her free insurance policies...

I wonder if her brain made a noise when it snapped.  It's called "junk-mail" Leslie.  We all get it.  There's no great troll conspiracy behind it.

While we're at it, showing up in Secondlife dressed as Shazz six years after your behavior forced her to de-friend you is a bit disconcerting.  You're an obsessed woman and I"m grateful Shazz is in another country or I'd be worried for her safety.


  1. Stalker has SEEKED me out again I see. Wowza! BIG FAT TROLL SAYS WHAT? I'll fuckin kill yer and then skin yer alive and make yer DIRTY ROTTEN teeth into a necklace heeheeheehee.


    Sloppy Kisses xxx

  2. What part of, "stop giving this drama queen the attention she craves and maybe she'll leave for real", don't you understand, Boyd?

  3. Calm down Suz lol

  4. I would not sent her insurance policies, in fact i wouldn't send her anything, i only send things to friends :-)
    Maybe the junk mail is a sign that she needs insurance for some ailment?

    How you doing Suz?


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