Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why Do Secondlife Trolls Use Wheelchairs?

Every so often you'll see a noob troll running around Secondlife in a prim wheelchair thinking they're edgy as a ginsu knife, not realizing the hundreds of other trolls who employed the same gag years before they even heard of secondlife.

But how did it all start?

Back in the early days of Secondlife, a few people wrote papers on using virtual reality to help treat disabled people.  Some of them even got grants to study and develop the idea, which lead to the creation of Virtual Ability (originally Second Ability)

One of the early things the Virtual Ability developers noticed was that some people who use wheelchairs in real life wanted to use them in Secondlife as well as a show of their solidarity.  This lead to the development of several prim-created wheelchairs available at the Virtual Ability sim.

Secondlife being what it is, and trolls being what they are, these initial prim wheel chairs were soon copybotted for use as troll-props or props in some sort of strange sexual role play.

Those initial wheelchairs have been copied and re-copied so often that it's fairly difficult to find one by the original creators.  The copybot versions of the wheelchairs have been part of many troll boxes or starter kits for at least ten years now.  The Virtual Ability sim still exists in Secondlife but is pretty empty these days.


  1. There are troll starter kits? Who thought THAT would be a good idea? hahaha

    1. a bunch actually. full of pn scripts.

    2. a bunch actually. full of pn scripts.


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