Friday, July 8, 2016

Tristina's Ailments

-bad knee
-fell down the stairs and broke a leg
-tainted toilet paper with chemicals
-chemichals thrown in eye
-Bacterial vaginosis
-abusive parents
-raped over 10 times
-attempted suicide
-christian curse
-raped by 4D
-got fucked in the ass
-immobilized with a neckbrace
-sexual octopus dream
-I felt like my vaj was febreezed
-2 broken legs
-raped by landlord
-alien abductions
-her catt unzipped the tent and saved her from a heart attack
-alien abductions
-lice infestation
-taped up her headset because of lice
-someone ate her edible panties
-duct taped nickels to doors and windows
-multiple peeping toms
-stolen tampons
-stolen underwear
-being injected by a needle while sleeping
-she personally stalked a stray cat
-random brusies appear on body
-got fired as a bar manager for health violations (the restaurant not her)
-got raped by a ghost
-soggy vagina
-my foot has been numb for five days
-compressed nerves
-hooked up with a guy on the beach and another guy came up behind her and kissed her
 (didnt get raped)


  1. And that was just yesterday.

  2. "chemichals"

    you would make a shit terrorist

  3. Another one for the list...

    She got crabs from the scooter she used when her leg was broken. But the dermatologist that she went to thought they were lice but when she looked at them under a microscope it was just dead skin.


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