Friday, July 15, 2016

The Night SHE Came Home

DoggyDont: is that tizz or ratcloner pretending to be tizz?
Tizzers Foxchase (MissTizzers): I can form a complete sentence. You draw your own conclusions.
The Real Ya Adder (CelesteFleur): lol
DoggyDont: lol hi tiz!
DoggyDont: it's edgar
The Real Ya Adder (CelesteFleur): good point
DoggyDont: lol
DoggyDont: put me in my place
DoggyDont: lol
Tizzers Foxchase (MissTizzers): Does Ratcloner really still come here pretending to be me?
Tizzers Foxchase (MissTizzers): I legit feel bad for that kid.

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