Saturday, July 23, 2016

SecondLife Prostitute

Allie Lakin (toxicwayog): hey slut. just to let you know.  i am about to go fuck richie  and we have been laughing about you for the last couple of weeks. and that money he have you was just for pity. btw, you will never speak to him again

MrIrish00 Resident: u want $$ but u slag me off and wont even answer my call have a nice one aubs
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:lool
MrIrish00 Resident:they are all insecure
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:dam
MrIrish00 Resident:why u ignoring me
MrIrish00 Resident:ur c learly not ogffline
MrIrish00 Resident:offline
MrIrish00 Resident:you have no
(AubreyXX):  idea
MrIrish00 Resident:what is going to happen now
MrIrish00 Resident:want that money still?
MrIrish00 Resident:dont think you know what it will cost you?
MrIrish00 Resident:hehe
MrIrish00 Resident:so
MrIrish00 Resident: u blocked me
MrIrish00 Resident: u seriously blocked me?
MrIrish00 Resident: last time aubrey if u want to be like this
MrIrish00 Resident: ill go find another slut
(aubreyxx): lol
MrIrish00 Resident:lol
MrIrish00 Resident:ya had ur chance aw but when ur 40 years old ull regret it
MrIrish00 Resident:last chance

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