Monday, July 18, 2016

Milk Must Mean Something Different In Australia

snowbellaa: will you let me put it in your bunghole
LonelyGuy69: mmmm that sounds hawt
snowbellaa: will you milk
LonelyGuy69: mmmm sounds like so sensual
LonelyGuy69: Do you have a squildo?
snowbellaa: is that a digimon
LonelyGuy69: No it's a squildo baby. mmm
snowbellaa: oh it sounds like a mango
LonelyGuy69: I'll roleplay as an Imperial Japanese Navy Officer circa 1942 invading Australia and you can be like one of those Haboriginals ready to please
snowbellaa: and i run away and i jump the rabit proof fence and i get caught in it and split my belly open and my organs fall out and i die
LonelyGuy69: I use my scroll of resurection +3 so you come back and are fine, yay!

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