Sunday, July 17, 2016

I want a squilldo

LonelyGuy69: Are u a fin domme?
Aunnalise: kinda sorta why
LonelyGuy69: that's actually really hawt
Aunnalise: ty
LonelyGuy69: do u like steam gifts or is paypal hawter?
LonelyGuy69: or do u like have like a wishlist?
Aunnalise: what?
Aunnalise: idk what any of that stuff is
Aunnalise: and i dont use paypa;l
LonelyGuy69: like wud it make u hawt to get money on paypal, or wud like free games on steam be hawter?
LonelyGuy69: ah!
Aunnalise: what is steam?
LonelyGuy69: its a chat client with videogames
LonelyGuy69: do u like have an amazon wish list?
Aunnalise: i want a squilldo

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