Sunday, July 17, 2016

BritbongReturns Youtube Channel In Steep Decline

Even He Knows His Videos Suck

Top 10 Ways Britbongreturns Can Save His Dying Youtube Channel

  1. Make videos of his dad yelling at him to be quiet
  2. Get in a fake fight with HeyHeyPay #makeyoutubegreatagain
  3. Make a video crying about getting banned from Hitbox (sort of like the one he made crying about getting banned from Twitch)
  4. Visit a dying fan in an Autism Hospital
  5. Beg Dunkey to feature him again (like he did he first time)
  6. Collaborate with Keemstar (in the works)
  7. Stop making fake "troll" videos
  8. Attack a much larger Youtuber (like he did with AngryJoe to start his channel)
  9. Copy LeafyisHear but with an English accent (a couple of his friends are doing it already)
  10. More Humor-Less Cringe


  1. Baited again retard LMAO

    1. Social blade baited me with their stastics

  2. I know the feeling. I have anxiety and depression.

    1. anxiety and depression is curable. A dying youtube channel isn't


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