Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Winter Lecker Refuses To Help

Frustrated that Monkeycheese has been arrested three times without her involvement and I've never been arrested despite her calling the police a total of 1178 times in six years, Leslie Whittenstall refuses to support the "FREE THE CHEESE" effort to raise bail and cigarette money for the cheese.

Leslie may be a deranged old poopy head, but you don't have to be.
Free the Cheese
(All funds managed by Tristina)

Prevent Ass Rape
Give Generously


  1. QUIT SAYING I'M MANAGING THE FUNDS...THIS MONEY IS NOT GOING TO ME! I DIND'T EVEN MAKE THE MARKETPLACE OR EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THAT! I don't even have a valid paypal account anymore, so please stop saying I'm in charge of the funds Boyd...

  2. Hello Kids, Archu here. I am banned. I have been asked by Linden Lab to never return and they took my accounts away to the ban place where things are banned and stay banned. Mysteriously...

    Dear Archu Leviathan,

    MobyGratis has sent you a gift:

    Christmas in June/July is here for a "possible" good cause. Monkeycheese/Kinkpanther is in jail, & he needs $500 to meet bail (10% of $5,000

    MobyGratis sent you the following Second Life items:

    Quantity: 1

    1. Hey Archu ... gesundheit. Interesting: How do you buy stuff on Market Place when you're banned? Odd, but even stranger, why does a "FREE" MONKEY TEE cost 500L?

    2. Yeah I don't know I just got an offline about the shirt which I thought was weird since I'm banned and all.



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