Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sooo Why DID You Pay Britbong Anyway?

There was a time in Upraksi's life when she wasn't happy with her real life relationship and chose to go see Britbongreturns in England to prove something to her RL boyfriend.

She must have proven it to him because she left England two weeks early to return home (his home).

Britbong, for some reason, decided to surprise her by buying a ticket to see her in the USA.  She told him if he showed up at her house she'd call the cops and her boyfriend would beat the shit out of him.

He blamed me for this (because that makes sense) and refused to believe she was back with her boyfriend.

He asked for proof on skype, I provided proof and he began to cry (literally).  This was the first girlfriend he ever had (he was 27 at the time) and he'd spent money he didn't have to see her and (because he'd bought the ticket too close to the departure date) couldn't get a refund.  To him: his life was ruined.

At the time, I had a casino in Secondlife which accumulated a great deal of lindens which I never used except to pay tier.  Moved by hearing the tears of a grown man crying over a girl we both knew, I gave him the lindens I had accumulated that month (almost 100K) on the condition that he not try and do anything bad to her and wished him well.

A few days later I heard him tell his friend he was going to "put her shit on 4chan" and keep the money I gave him too.  That's where the recording you've heard was made.  I told him that if he was going to break our deal I expected the money back or I'd pass around the notecards of our conversation so that everyone on Secondlife would know how pitiful he was.

He never gave the money back and had a friend post her photos to 4chan** so I did send most of the people I know the notecards of him crying.  (He's lucky I wasn't recording voice like he normally does)  and somebody else gave me the money back which I then gave to SLRelay For Life.

In the end it worked out ok.  I made my tier payment that month anyway (casinos in SL  used to make a lot of money) Upraksi eventually did break off things with her boyfriend and her life's turned out pretty well without any of us in it.

To date Britbong still does not have a girlfriend.  He met LittleRen for a few hours but she bailed and he doxed her out of revenge.  He kind of thought Luna was his internet girlfriend but when he saw photos of her with RL boys on snapchat he deleted all of his social  media except for twitter.

All of us have moved on except for him.  Maybe she really did ruin his life.

This might be my last Britbong post.  After bans from both Twitch and Hitbox, his streaming career is done and with the new TOS his youtube channel is soon done.  It's unlikely he'll do anything interesting after this.


  1. I always thought he was a good showman. Maybe he'll find something good yet.

  2. Unless he deletes twitter too, he will always have an outlet for his deranged ramblings and finger pointing.

    1. Ironically twitter deleted him instead


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