Tuesday, June 14, 2016

MonkeyShank Redemption

Free The Cheese Secondlife Shirt
All Proceeds Go To Bail Fund (Managed By Tristina)
Call 1-800-574-5729 to
Add Funds To Monkey's Commissary Fund


  1. I have contributed a little under fifty dollars in shirts as gifts and I hope that everyone will pitch in. The idea was partially mine but by all means, I'm not in charge of the money. I know how you guys feel about me raising money, so I think that BOYD needs to correct this on another post, and many posts to show progress, etc. He in the end will be bailing out the cheese, not me.

  2. Monkey cheese should use his time inside to try and lose weight, his last arrest record shows he weighs a staggering 250 pounds thats a whopping 112 pounds over weight. Bailing him would be a waste of time and money. Jail will eventually be the only place he can get a roof over his head. He is, and he knows he is scum. Any money raised would be better spent buying the fat fuck more pork rendering so the lardy fuck does an elvis. what a cunt.

  3. To the above post, since when should a man who is over 6 feet tall weigh 138 lbs? I bought a shirt. Let's free this cheese.

  4. Yes, let's free the cheese! he's about thirty pounds overweight tbh.

  5. Spoydah gave me 2000 lindens as I'm saying in my messages with the gifts of shirts that this is a "christmas" gesture from me. I always celebrate and buy gifts on SL in the summer as I experience seasonal depression, and don't feel very much in the holiday spirit in December. Spoydah has contributed to the purchase of three more shirts, with one more to go. That's a total of almost sixty dollars in shirts/ 29/30 shirts. Please get on board people at best even if the people in charge end up shawshanking us, we got a tshirt to say we were there.


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