Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mongini Crime Family In Steep Decline

Once the scourge of Waterhead and Violet, the Mongini Crime Family is all but extinct.

Don Armando:  Retired--Found Jesus
Adam: Erectile Disfunction
Brash: Retired--Married with children
Hades: Banned From League of Legends
Monkeycheeese: Incarcerated
Tristen: Deceased
Nacho: Retired--Doesn't play SL  anymore
Other Nacho: wasn't a Mongini, also doesn't play Secondlife anymore
Nym: Retired--Serving in English Parlement
Suz Rau: Retired--Running fashion shows in Canada.
Zarco:  Told the Monginis to fuck off after 12 attempts to force him to do more initiation hazing.


  1. Interesting factoid: I once belonged to the Mongini Family; nice boys, not scourge like at all. Then they figured out who I was and summarily removed me; probably afraid a soccer mom, on the team, would ruin their street cred.

  2. P.S. I originally joined because I thought it was a group for Mongs and found the idea amusing.

    1. Why did you kill your husband?

    2. Because he wrote stupid comments on blogs.

  3. I was once in the Mongini Family, one of the originals in fact. One day I logged an old forgotten account on and discovered I was an officer in said group, so I kicked everyone out, changed the group tag to furry fucking etc and basically destroyed it. I kindly very kindly gave it back to Hades. haha good times cunts. but gone now

    Nym x

    1. Hahaha, another soccer mom, comments! You go, girl!

  4. Hahahaha Adams got a really weird head


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