Sunday, June 12, 2016

Leslie's Blog Proves She's Insane

Because keeping and posting five year old conversations nobody cares about is perfectly sane. Seriously, who digs through years of chatlogs just to make a blog post.  I bet her cats peed on her bed twice while she sat reading through that shit.  She just sleeps on the side without the wet spot.

At this point I have to assume she continues blogging to pretend like anybody wants to talk to her.


  1. She's launched a vendetta against me now because she thinks I called her "crazy" in public in 2012. In her recent blogs she calls me "dismissive ass", "shameful, total shit bag loser", "gutless bitch, demented evil cow", and that I should expect retribution as "payment is due on that front, honey". If this isn't proof that she IS crazy, I don't know what is.

  2. She probably has every IM she has had with anyone within the past 20 years. Although she changes it to what suits her, adds things that was not said. Suz she is bat shit crazy her retributions are a joke. Funny how Bardot is actually a man think we all knew that one though :P

  3. HAHAHAHA Suz, the woman is demented and needs someone to bitch and moan and blame shit on, 20+ years she's been doing the same crap and it repeats itself.
    While she pretends to be an animal lover she hates on any human that has crossed her path online and off, she films her cats showing her filthy shit hole of an apartment with her multicolored faded old shitty rugs over her dirty floor, get a life you crazy and go rescue some more flee ridden fur balls!
    Leslie will make up what she hasn't got on you and change what she has, fun fun lol
    Anyway don't worry Suz, she is all mouth and no pants, although she may report you to the police for saying she is crazy.
    Mind you she is crazy so i'm not sure anything will come of it :-D
    Keep smiling Suz, im sure she's scheming some other blog story on you.

  4. Reprinting my IM's, Oh No! Now the whole world will know I said, "Nero's blog is crap". Nero, Bro, if you're reading this, come on, your blog was mostly unnecessarily doctored, unflattering photos of Stef and that screen shot of Mich rubbing one out. I have to stand by my original assessment. CRAP! Sorry, Nero.


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