Tuesday, June 7, 2016

If you didn't think Leslie Whittenstall Was Crazy Before...

Her most recent blog post tries to claim I'm sending ex-cops as spies to her blog and buying her insurance through gmail....

at least she kept it under 1000 words...barely...


  1. she is old and senile. Someone needs to get her in a mental institute for the safety of herself and others before she really loses her shit (not that she hasn't already)

  2. I laugh at Leslie's latest blog about her STALKER!!
    Lets get this straight Leslie YOU ARE THE STALKER.
    You seek out things about Booyd, Shazz, Quinby and any others you hate...like your ex..well he wasn't you ex but your insane mind told you he was, Mayhem, you stalked him, found out about his wife, kid etc, then there was another guy who you complained his wife was a N****
    You gave out ALL Boyds info long before all this started, you had his name, address, phone number and photo's on your slfoolsblogspot, you also stuck stix's and elouise's picture on there, you then told Nilla you can blame Ziggy for being the owner of the blog, i have that IM.
    Your OLD blogs..YES YOUR...you still write shit on them harassing your EX friends, you seem to have a lot of ex friends don't you?
    YOU lie about people you write about all the time, saying they're drunks, druggies, welfare cheats, thieves etc
    The fantasy is YOU inventing people are calling you leaving death threats and then stop after you contact the police, like your old blogs disappeared after you reported people to the police.
    Years of YOU stalking TONS of people, you sought Tammy out, found out where she worked and bitched about her on YOUR shitty blog, i wouldn't be surprised if you contacted her employers, you're a vindictive old cow.
    The reason you didn't like Boyd was he would chat in hanja and you wouldn't be able to constantly play Abba shit over and over, you also like attention and wasn't getting any so you started adding shitty stuff to your profile, like you do with your blogs, you kept adding to it and you were adding to your slfools blog too.
    You have teh IP's from that "said" blog because YOU OWN IT!!!
    Anyone who reads it can see what a malicious nasty horrible cow you are, you are NOT a victim, you victimize.
    The reason you fell out with your cop friend is she made another friend and YOU hate anyone having other friends than you.
    Its funny how everyone YOU victimize you call stalkers.
    You stalked and wrote to women's husbands to cause as much shit as possible.
    The cell phone threats you staged, the feet picture wasn't stolen, its on PUBLIC facebook, you don't allow anything..you are NOT in control, you'd like to be as that's a Sociopath and Psychopaths thing...they have to be in control.
    YOU named many on your blogs, YOU seek people out, YOU bully people, YOU harass people, YOU should be locked up in a nutty house.
    You say everyone you have ever argued with are trying to ruin your offline life...lol YOU are a busy body and harassing people IS your LIFE.
    You probably signed yourself up for insurance, one of your multiple personalities did it!
    You said you never had this blog and that blog, never gave Real life info out..YOU LIE so i bet you've had a gmail and signed yourself up for shit.
    You are building your own case, you're Stalker, bully, freak, obsessed crazy nut and more.
    Huge settlement lmao, the only person who would be charged is YOU, all you have done and continue to do and think you are safe and clever....WRONG! :-)
    But carry on Mizz desperation, you're doing a grand job of sticking your curly feet in your fat mouth.
    p.s the AbbyNoodl IM's are pointless, how many are there of you saying death threats in great detail Leslie? let me answer..LOADS!

  3. I actually think this person posting the long replies is one of leslie's alternate personalities.

  4. yeah....that is why the blog is labeled as "cop" and her cracknhack one is labeled as "got you" what a dumb ass she is. That is her blog you can tell by the labels that she gives them for statcounter. Could always post the screencaps of how she labels them since they do not show up unless you know how to look.

  5. The woman is insane, there are lots of insane people in the world, most are harmless but she's your sociopath, psychopath type, always saying i didn't do it and pointing her gnarly fingers at HER victims.

  6. haha and she removed the label. GOT YOU LESLIE

  7. lol why would she think that's you? I bet if you got close enough you could smell the crazy on her

  8. So i go look at Leslie's blog of DESPERATION and she has some IM's there stating that it's me..Shazz, so this is whats written ON her blog:

    Shazz "neva threatens anyone" hum maybe this should go to their new idol over there at InWorldz:
    [2015/12/03 15:55:24] mikeorsm :(she posted my full real name)
    xxxxxxxxxxxx Napa, CA 94558
    [2015/12/03 15:55:24] Autoresponse sent to mikeorsm
    [2015/12/03 15:55:26] mikeorsm : cunt
    [2015/12/03 15:56:11] mikeorsm : tell that fgt tommy to eat a dick
    [2015/12/03 15:58:53] Leslie Whittenstall: ???? why you posting my RL what are you hoping to gain?
    [2015/12/03 15:59:08] Leslie Whittenstall: you come off as a stalker doing that, you know?
    [2015/12/03 15:59:11] mikeorsm : when you have us banned we come back angry
    [2015/12/03 15:59:48] Leslie Whittenstall: You all went too far you won't leave it alone police reports nothing you all go WAY TOO FAR
    [2015/12/03 16:00:08] mikeorsm : you took something valuable from me
    [2015/12/03 16:00:17] mikeorsm : Leslie
    [2015/12/03 16:00:19] Leslie Whittenstall: Leave me alone move on with your lives then the gossip and the lies stops 'coz it comes from all of YOU
    [2015/12/03 16:00:23] Leslie Whittenstall: oh? what?
    [2015/12/03 16:00:25] Leslie Whittenstall: yer name?
    [2015/12/03 16:00:30] Leslie Whittenstall: yer inventory of HATE?
    [2015/12/03 16:00:36] Leslie Whittenstall: look how you post my home address
    [2015/12/03 16:00:41] mikeorsm : See ya around Leslie
    [2015/12/03 16:00:53] Leslie Whittenstall: no thanks
    [2015/12/03 16:00:53] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

    Now, i was banned, i didn't make an alt called milkorsm, i don't speak like that, i don't say ya, i would call you a cunt but rarely use that word, i have never posted anyone's address unlike you who shared mine via emails and what would you have taken from me? NOTHING and who is my idol exactly you deranged nut?
    Also i wasn't online you sour old bitch i was with family so nice try old crow, yes im calling you names, no more than what you deserve, now go suck a lemon you sour faced old twat!

  9. This was posted on Leslie's blog, i guess you are trying to say that was my alt, wrong bitch.
    So this IM you have kept since 2010? freak!
    That is YOU not me, making up IM's to try make out i came after you the day i was banned, you insane idiot.

    [2010/06/11 15:39] shazz Larnia: get ya bum in hanja
    [2010/06/11 15:46] shazz Larnia: ya a abba doolallly cool dood
    [2010/06/11 16:00] IM: shazz Larnia: i hate bulllies Les (you've turned into one)
    As you can see above Leslie you speak like that and like it or not i was NOT mikeorsm, i was NOT on sl at that time or even at home, you're a pathetic old busy body who is a stalker and harasses people, you're the bully.
    While im here, the OLD posts from your slfools blog arguing with Boyd, lets get something striaght..NEVER did i once say Ziggy contacted my husband, it was YOU, he told me so stop trying to pass the buck and also we all know its you answering you own pathetic blog posts, you were begging him to get me away from my friends amongst other crap you said, you also told someone that you could blame Ziggy for being the owner of the blog because the alt you GAVE elouise "spitefull rage" she changed teh password and left your blog link and FAKE!!!!!! photo you uploaded from google images, see everything you bitch about to others you actually do yourself.
    Also ask Poly who he passed all your information too rather than accuse the wrong people, that coward never did own up, some damn friend he was..even after you called the cops for him doing it and me being blamed. Btw there's also proof in IM's him talking about it, Quinby went NUTS with him when he did that, it stuck the final nail in his coffin with her, even thought you're an insane bitch and nasty cow neither me or Quinby have given out your name or address..so go after the people that have you crazy cow!
    I have masses of shit on you that i haven't used, carry on with your shit and see where it gets you, that's not a threat, its a promise.

  10. excuse my typos,
    Also ask Poly who he passed all your information too "to"*
    even thought you're an insane bitch "though"*


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