Monday, June 27, 2016


Recurring BV and what I did that helped
I was one of the special cases where the drugs wouldn't work anymore. I lived with the odor constantly for four straight years, and it would show up in the tests, except for the wiff test, that I had no infection. There wouldn't even be clue cells. I was just a "stinky girl" and no one, not even Johns Hopkins had answers.
I tried it all: pro-biotics, homeopathy, flagyl, cleocin, clyndomycin, metrogel, some weird stuff from india that looked like syrup, rephresh, vitamins, those green pills that give you diarrhea, douching (big no no, I know), I tried it ALL.
You know what's working? In total I've had recurring BV for ten years and you know what's working? It irritates me that something so simple could work and doctor's aren't telling us:
A light layer of Neosporin applied with the finger three times a day. NO ODOR. NONE. ALL OF THE MONEY THAT I'VE THROWN AT THIS AND THIS IS WHAT WORKS AND I HAD TO FIND OUT FOR MYSELF....I'm beyond irritated and relieved.
I hope that it works for you.
CAUTION: You have to use polyisoprene condoms with this, because latex condoms will break.
Get back to your life and try this, it's working for me

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