Sunday, June 12, 2016

Britbong's Friends Are Retarded

No idea what vanbritian is but as usual i get blamed.  What does it report on?

This AlexanderJapanKid roleplays an 8 year old on SL and has been banned from every age-play sim on SL for trying to sex other imaginary little boys

As predicted, Britbong has now turned on OneSavvySiren at hitbox despite the fact that she put her job on the line to try and help him.

I don't think people realize how many 2nd, 3'rd, 4'th and 5'th chances Hitbox gave him because of her.

He should pay the refunds out of his own pocket since it was he who refused to follow the rules.

Remember when Britbongreturns cried every godamn day about getting banned from twitch?   You aint seen nothin yet...


  1. reported for dox.

    1. lol pretty sure AlexanderJapanKid isn't his real name


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