Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Top Seven Secondlife Video Artists

(Just My Opinion By The Way -- In terms of actual numbers of subscribers and views DanielFrom SL and Charlie Winsmore are about tied for first)

Number 7 Violet's Finest
I originally disliked this guy because he's not actually part of the Violet Asylum, but his content is rock solid.

Number 6 Lavender Storydel
Lavender's fairly new to the game but she has a lot of potential.  I've expressed my dislike for people who spew memes and retard noises before and Lavender is just the opposite

6Ted9 and his entourage are devouring what's left of the Secondlife Bike community.  

The first and still one of the best, One day this club will belong to Esteban Winsmore

Number 3 DanielFromSL
Daniel would probably be number one except that his best videos weren't made in secondlife.

Number 2 Oliver Sargent
Oliver is amazing.  If he made more videos he might be number one.

Chris and Splinter's work transcends the realm of internet videos to become what I consider legitimate cinema.

Britbong can't even be considered for this list till his drama-to-entertainment ratio drops out of the red zone.

I will probably catch some criticism for only including troll videos on the list.

Of the non-comedic Secondlife Video Makers, the only one I really consider signifigant is Canary Beck (who's work I love) That's not to say there's no cinematic potential using Secondlife, but nobody (in my opinion) has really developed it yet except for Canary.

I don't really consider Chris and Splinter's work "troll videos".  While obviously comedic they are in a realm of their own.

That being said: look what's possible in Ark (less than a year old)

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