Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lies I've Told On The Internet

Sometimes I'll say something that starts out as a joke but for some fucked-up reason grows into a meme.

One of these is this idea that I'm passing out gifts like Santa.

Ya'll need to know that Boxxy has a job and can pretty much buy whatever she wants on her own.  She also has a backlog of suitors willing to buy her whatever she wants.  She doesn't need me to get her anything.

It started out as a joke to make Harrison look like an idiot (which it did) and grew into people doing voice impressions of her asking me to buy her things.

Boxxy has never asked me for anything.  I've never given her anything.  It's a fucking joke you short-limbed cretins.

The same goes with Ellie.  It's a fucking joke, she's never actually asked me for anything.


  1. So your admitting to receiving an Illegal computer from Frankiegambino? these computers are used by criminals to hack peoples fire walls to take control of there accounts and privacy. this is Identity theft when you do this.IT IS A FEDERAL CRIME TO USE THIS DEVISE TO TAKE OVER ACCOUNTS ON A GAME CALLED SECOND LIFE ALSO. YOU DO UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR ADDRESS AND NAME WILL BE SENT TO THE ATTHORITYEES BOYD W CAMPBELL. ALONG WITH FRANKIEGAMBINO.S INFO ALSO.

    1. It's perfectly legal to purchase a decommissioned administrative computer from the phone company and there's nothing you can do about it.

      BTW I know Hal Jordan and you're no Hal Jordan

  2. Hal stop embarrassing yourself, you illiterate idiot!
    You people believe some ridiculous shit, its hilarious.
    Also stop typing in capitals, get off second life and go offline altogether and take some lessons in how to spell and how to use punctuation.


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