Sunday, May 29, 2016

Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker) Harasses Animal Rights Activist for 17 Years.

Someone sent me a link to Leslie's oldest harassment blog yet

This one is about a former police officer (now full-time animal-rights activist) who had the misfortune of running into Leslie on AOL 17 years ago.

You'd think this woman would get a pass from claw-foot baldie, being an animal lover, but insanity knows no bounds I guess.

If you read these chatlogs you can see pretty clearly that Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker) doxed this woman in 1999 (17 years ago) simply because Tammy didn't want to be her friend anymore. That's probably the oldest example I've ever seen of somebody doxing anybody on the internet out of rage.  Later on, Leslie threatens to kill this woman and her friends, all because nobody wants to hang out with her.


  1. How has this woman not been sent to a looney bin yet?

  2. Interesting....very interesting. Says the same sort of shit that she says about others too. And she has messed with this person's real life as well. Should be interesting to talk to her and have her contact that officer with her statement as well. Plus all these blogs she has up is enough proof of her harassment of others for years.

  3. Yes, she contacts people husbands and tries telling them what a bitch their wife is and how she is the victim, she will add lies about them cheating, she calls them whores and all sorts, she will contact any family member she can and slag off that person because she don't like the friends they have or they didn't agree with some nonsense, she will lie and make up IM's and post it to their friends in the hope they turn against them, read up on psychopath and sociopath, she's both.
    She makes blogs and says they're not hers, or someone else showed her, when all her plans of contacting husbands, brothers, sisters, friends don't work she contacts the police and makes FAKE reports, this insane woman harasses and stalks people and has done for about 20 years possibly more, she gives out their real life, then says they gave hers.
    She'll even contact the Mayor LMAO.
    This is her whole life, every online site this horrid person has been on she is screaming disgusting foul mouth crap at people, the woman should have been straight jacketed YEARS ago.
    She has even make life hell for people where she lives.
    Leslie loves drama, she stalks, she stalked Shazz to Inworldz, now Shazz has had her muted years and Leslie kept crying Shazz was harassing while she was sending the GUY Jewel to harass her daily until shazz snapped and did the same back and she gets banned, it was possibly a blessing because she's now landscaping and enjoying Real life.
    Leslie's life is other peoples business and she thinks splashing all the names of her victims with libelous shit will somehow give her a win.
    Well curly teeth hobbit feet every time you post that stuff you lose, you are a loser and always will be a loser.
    Hobbit feet LOL
    See this is what she gets and what does she dish out...INSANE shit about fantasy arrests lmfao, it's hilarious, she's so damn desperate for some attention...PSYCHOPATH!!!!!

    1. Yes and I don't think she realizes this implicates herself as the stalker. 17 years to be going after that one person is nuts. She takes internet drama to a whole new level. Like I said will be contacting this person too since now she has given out this person's workplace and let her know what she is doing to many others and ask if she will be willing to make a statement as well. She words it exactly like she has the other blogs same sort of things but new victims. Sick woman. Very sick. I think she is desperate to have people obsessed with her. The way she claims everyone is...uh no it's not about being obsessed with you it's about you trying to mess with people's real life by doing this crazy stuff. And seeing that she has been doing it for years and years does she not work at all?? I am sure she email's google about this blog on a daily basis along with second life too. She must sit there hitting this blog all the time and all day long emailing, making blog posts and other crazy stuff. She needs mental help. Serious mental help.

  4. This off Lelsie Whittenstall's blog:
    She writes
    "Funny, for years now SL Quinby Hancroft, the little stalker she is keeps chanting how I'm passing out RL. How does she know this? To whom am I passing out RL? Why would I pass out RL? I don't have anyone's RL. Same chant too about calling police, filing false reports. Again how does Quinby Hancroft know of anything I'm doing? We are not friends, we don't have mutual friends. Gosh must be a stalker like her idol Boyd Campbell. She's the one obsessing over my RL, her ex confirmed this. Crazy bitch."

    So let me answer some things, Leslie you are and have been passing out peoples RL, you are posting Boyd's rl name continuously on your blogs, you passed out shazz's and Quinby's name to that GUY Jewel, you passed them out to others too, you search peoples facebook and threaten to contact their friends, you email people with peoples rl stuff, why would you pass out RL? because you're a nasty old malicious cow that's why and totally obsessed with people from hanja, Shazz, Boyd, Quinby, Felicity and anyone else connected, some are cowards however and bow down to your insisting they must NOT bother with anyone from hanja.
    Quinby is not obsessing over your rl as you are hers and shazz's and boyds, her ex the one who WAS obsessing...the one who posted your rl in his alt and then sat back the coward he is and let his then friend Shazz take the blame, then said he was put up to it...LOL, no he did it ALL off his own back and was told Shazz will get the blame and Quinby went mad and told him to remove it, ask teh coward, see if he tells the truth, that coward knew deranged Leslie phoned the police on Shazz because of that alt and STILL did not own up...THE COWARD!!!!
    Yes Leslie you do make false police reports, you lie through your teeth, make up shit about being harassed while doing the harassment, it will all come out though, you see there's evidence you have not seen and don't know about, so carry on with your smug blogs and keep sticking your feet in your fat mouth.
    As for Ziggy, i for one don't have a problem with her, least she was always up front unlike slithering snake, who ever believes your psychopathic lies i feel sorry for them.
    toodle pip ;-D

    1. I've never understood why she's so obsessed with Quinby. She's probably the most quiet one in the bunch. I think the issue is tha Quinby is accepted while Leslie and Poly were pushed out into the gutter.

    2. Where they belong and it's probably because she's friends with Shazz and Leslie has no real friends, she sends them all nuts with her dumb rants.


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