Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Leslie Whittenstall Stalked This Woman From AOL For Nine Years


I don't what her deal is with commenting on her own blogs but it's a common theme in all of them.  I think it's to give herself he impression she has friends.

It's also really common for her to write so much that nobody ever actually reads her posts.

Yet again, the very first sentence says this woman *tried* to be friends with Leslie but found it impossible (because she's fucking insane).

Check out the 4,000 word unsolicited letter she wrote to one woman's RL husband at the bottom.
(that's not an exaggeration I used https://wordcounter.net/ to check 4,178 words 22,055 characters that's the equivalent of 2 high school term papers)

Her AOL screen name was MoodyAsMoodyGets.  Those people have been contacting me lately with horror stories from the old days.  Just goes to show: there aint no crazy like Internet Crazy.

Jesus check out this archived rant from 13 years ago.

Apparantly they really hated Leslie there too.  Even then she was quite the accomplished doxxer.  I might have to contact that MD she harassed.  Bear in mind this is on a Moody Blues board, a hippie band dedicated to peace and love that seemed to turn Leslie-Balding-Cat-lady into a raving lunatic.

Check that.  After talking with other people from AOL I can confirm that Leslie's harassment and stalking of this woman began 13 years ago, not nine.


  1. That letter she wrote that woman's husband just about says it all and not about the Rose person about Leslie..what an evil vindictive insane nasty cow she really is, that's not the only husband she's told bullshit to either.
    How haven't she been locked away in a nut house idk

  2. I just read that letter. She is using the same thing over and over again...this person is obsessed with me, this person is stalking me. WTF is wrong with this woman?? Is she really that nuts?? She has harassed so many people yet calls herself the victim? She is the stalker and there are many of us who are the victims.

  3. I don't know why everyone is so mean to disney princess Leslie Whittenstall, she only has a few years left until her last piece of hair wilts from her head unless she finds true love and the curse is broken.

    You have to admire the amount of effort she put into that letter, trying to steal the womans husband. Policeman fetish eh? Who knew.

  4. All this attention over sl rubbish is what Leslie says...no all this is in response to all the shit YOU are doing and continue to do, you haven't moved on, you been a devious deranged nut with your messaging people and calling police, making up crap, posting RL's name etc, you say ooooh i don't do that yet there you are with Boyd's name all over your shitty blog and you've had others names and i would say personal stuff but what you do is make up shit and post it, that's always been your MO.
    The recording are pathetic, probably made up by you as you';re that insane to do so, they sound nothing what so ever like Boyd and lets be clear..who the hell would want to watch you!
    Your blog is not in response to anything, your blog was there FIRST as were all the other shitty blogs you closed thinking you can hide them, unfortunately you can't.
    How many times have you Leslie said you were going to kill someone.....many and not just way in your past..recent, also you and Jewel with the death threats you made to Inworldz CEO because after stalking Shazz there you demanded they ban Shazz and all her friends...lol you're the stalker YOU, you have been stalking and talking shit about people long before anything came back and its not even all out, you see there's lots you don't know these people have, lots of people like Shazz and would forward all what you said about her...and others, all what you gave out..i.e her rl and others rl's so stop with the POOR ME i'm the victim...you are the STALKER and the PSYCHOPATH.
    So Boyd has a blog..SO DO YOU have many hater blogs which are donkeys years old.
    Also YOU are the compulsive liar, you've been caught numerous times in your shitty little lies.
    Your day will come and it can't be soon enough for all concerned.
    Toodle pip!!!

    1. hang yourself you crazy cunt

  5. The comments on that forum are great, they sum her up very well. Still calling herself a victim? Crazy old bat. When was the last time she even worked? Probably has been years and years. Telling others that people in SL have no jobs, are on welfare. She is the biggest welfare queen and has been for years. Good to see our tax dollars at work with her sitting behind her computer hours each day doing this to people.

    MoodyBlueFan 2003-07-25 04:09:13 UTC
    PermalinkRaw MessageReport Yes, MONROE. Ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you all to LESLIE
    MONROE, a tiresome bore. Watching my cat throw up hairballs is more
    exciting then her drivel.

    LESLIE MONROE, you can no longer hide behind your many aliases.
    YOU'VE BEEN OUTED (in more ways then one). In your words, LoL LoL HA

    MoodyBlueFan 2003-07-25 04:09:13 UTC
    PermalinkRaw MessageReport Yes, MONROE. Ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you all to LESLIE
    MONROE, a tiresome bore. Watching my cat throw up hairballs is more
    exciting then her drivel.

    LESLIE MONROE, you can no longer hide behind your many aliases.
    YOU'VE BEEN OUTED (in more ways then one). In your words, LoL LoL HA
    MoodyBlueFan 2003-07-24 21:56:59 UTC
    PermalinkRaw MessageReport For someone who hates you all as much as she says, LESBO sure takes an active interest in what you all have accomplished in your lives. I've
    never come across anyone with such an obvious case of envy in my life.
    Her own pitiful, miserable life must be so bad that she can't get
    through it without the want to know all about what others have lived

    LESBO, it's really time you DID get a life, it's also time you grew
    up. You're posts are the most ridiculous rants I've ever read on any
    message board. You're a sick boring BITCH and believe me when I say
    that NO ONE gives a damn what you have to say.

  6. Also it has been confirmed that she told someone in SL that she is bluejay. So she makes up accounts to post messages to defend herself and harass others on alternate accounts.

  7. From what i can see Leslie is NOT the victim in any of these, she is the one doing the attacking, making up shit, contacting peoples families, she posts shit on her blog then cries that Boyd is posting on his lol
    She is a serious sociopath, her only friend left...IF you can call Ziggy a friend because she too laughs at Leslie behind her back, no one stays friends with her because she's insane and has to be in control, well sorry you're not in control of anyone and that includes yourself, to hate on every person that talks to Shazz is pretty pathetic, you jealous old crow!
    You have been harassing years and there's lots more that have not come out, you're one nasty person, ugly inside and out..you izzzzzzz ugly!
    This is all coming to bite you, its been a long time coming but all good things come to those that wait :-)
    Those blogs are yours too, you can lie all you like, we all know exactly what you're made of you scum bag!
    You need to look at all you've been doing, you are a psychopath and you need to be assessed for your mental health, the way you rant on people constantly for YEARS and YEARS is not normal, every single online site you are on is full of vitriol.
    Go get some help.


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